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The heritage holdings of the medicine-odontology library comprise two different collections:

  • The Medicine collection (37 manuscripts and around 21,000 volumes),
  • The Pharmacy collection, relocated in 2008 following conservation problems in the Pharmacy BU (around 2,000 volumes).

In these collections, some 1,350 works predate the 19th century (including 40 Renaissance works, the oldest of which dates back to 1518).

This collection mainly covers medicine, botany, natural sciences and some general literature. The medical collection is particularly rich in the fields of women's and children's diseases, obstetrics, infectious and venereal diseases, public health and military surgery. The Pharmacy collection includes numerous works on pharmacopoeia, drugs and chemistry.

Most of these works come from donations made by various professors up to the 19th century, the most important being that of Etienne Villeneuve, director of the Marseille Maternity Hospital for 40 years and first professor of obstetrics at the Marseille Medical School. He bequeathed his entire personal library (around 1,000 volumes) and archives, including 40 years of detailed records of deliveries at the Maternité de Marseille (1832-1874).

Finally, the medicine-odontology library is rich in local and medical journals, covering the 19th and early 20th centuries. These include

  • Marseille médical (1864-1975) ;
  • Sud médical et chirurgical (lac.) ;
  • Annales de l'Ecole de plein exercice de médecine et de pharmacie de Marseille (1891-1913);
  • Annales de l'Institut colonial de Marseille (1837-1906) ;
  • Bulletin de la Société de médecine de Marseille (1822-1866);
  • Répertoire des travaux de la Société de statistique de Marseille (1837-1920).
One of the most beautiful books in the Timone medicine-odontology library: Claude Galien, Opera, Venice, Giunta, 1576. Res 30039. © S. Astier, SCD

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