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The copy and print service resumed at the beginning of July 2024 with new services and rates.

  • Photocopies
  • Black & white and color prints (Aix: Fenouillères, Schumann Droit - Marseille: Bernard du Bois, Luminy, Médecine Timone, St Charles, St Jérôme) from Libraries or university pedagogical computers
  • Printing from laptops (wired or wireless)
  • Scanning to univ-amu e-mail (students, EX, BIATSS) or OneDrive (AMU students)

Help (in french)

Copy and print rates

To purchase copy and print credits:

You must use your AMU card (Izly account) .

Payment by AMU multiservice card:
Service Cost
B&W page, A4 0,07 €
Color page, A4 0,06 €

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