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AMU librarians support Master's and PhD students with the various steps of their research, from preparation to dissemination of their work.

  • Search

    To search for a thesis, you can consult :

    • lists all French theses since 1985, including many online versions, as well as theses in preparation.
    • HAL Thèses: hosts French open-access theses.
    • Global ETD search: enables you to search for references to theses and academic writings from all over the world.

    To search for a dissertation, you can consult :

    DUMAS (Dépôt Universitaire de Mémoires Après Soutenance): open-archive database of Master's-level student work, validated by a jury, including the AMU collection.

  • Writing

    The libraries guide you through useful resources.

  • Deposit

    For doctoral students:

    For Master's students :

    Procedures for submitting dissertations vary from one faculty to another. For further information, please contact the department to which you belong.

  • Distribute and publish

    For doctoral students:

    • Your thesis: once submitted and processed, it will be available online, either on the Internet on if you give your consent; or with access restricted to the French academic community (compulsory). It is nowadays considered a good practice to widely disseminate your thesis: it protects you from plagiarism and makes your work more visible, both to your peers and to publishers. You can also choose to deposit your thesis in the university's open archive.
    • Your research data: putting your data online helps increase the visibility of your work and means you'll be cited more often. For your future work, be aware that funding institutions and publishers may ask for your data to be made available.
    • To find out more about the issues surrounding the publication of your work and data, consult:


    For Master's students:

    Aix-Marseille University publishes on DUMAS portal dissertations and theses validated by a jury and selected for their quality and interest. Dissemination is subject to the author's authorization and the approval of the jury or the organization awarding the degree. Open access protects you against plagiarism and makes your work more visible.

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