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Unlimited lending continues

Dec. 15

Unlimited lending, on trial in your libraries from September 11 to December 22, 2023, has been a great success.

You particularly appreciated being able to extend your borrowed documents several times so that you could work with them for longer, as you let us know in a survey carried out in the libraries and online until December 15.

That's why we've decided to keep up the momentum until the end of the academic year!

From January 8, 2024, you will be able to continue borrowing more than 12 documents per library, and to extend your current loans as many times as you like, provided they have not been reserved by another user.

Remember, however, to extend your documents from your reader account or at your library before the scheduled return date! Indeed, "unlimited loan" does not mean that you can keep the documents as long as you like.

You should also return them as soon as you no longer need them, so that other readers can benefit from them, just like you.

Finally, if the document you wish to borrow or consult is not available because another reader has borrowed it, don't hesitate to reserve it online via the libraries catalog catalog: you'll be given priority when it's returned.

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