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Historically the Aix-Marseille University Humanities Library, among other missions, was since 1983 a CADIST in History (Center for Acquisition and Diffusion of scientific and technical information). The two topics of our Cadist were :

  • French colonial History
  • History of the Mediterranean Orient in Ottoman times

Since 2018, this center became “CollEX” which is a national quality label.
One the side of the Colonial history : it includes all aspects of french presence and settlement overseas from the 15th century to the First World War, First and Second Colonial Empires, political, social, economic, religious aspects, comparatism with others colonial empires. 8300 books, many periodicals and some microforms have been gathered (35 % are non-French languages).

One the side of the Eastern Mediterranean : all aspects of history and civilisation of the Arab and Turkish regions in the Mediterranean from early modern times to 1920. 8400 books have been gathered (65 % are non-French languages) and the library has also periodicals and some microforms on the subject. A number of documents are in Arabic, Turkish or Osmanli languages.

In addition, the Aix-Marseille University SCD was a partner, with other local institutions, with the National French Library in the context of the “Pôle associé” Mediterranean exchanges. With those funds we bought documents on Ottoman period, and also on mainly Arabic sciences. 1400 documents have been gathered, all edited in foreign countries.

The Catalogs are available here and through the SUDOC, collective catalogue.
Documents may be borrowed through inter library lending services.


You are invited to go to the Reception and Loan Desk in order to register. The collection may be accessed from opening to closing hours of the Library. Personal computers are allowed.